Hayden Lightheart

An orphaned Paladin just trying to survive while never losing his heart.


Hayden Lightheart
WOW Paladin, lv. 1 (250/1000 XP)
(275/3000 Reputation Silvermoon City -Neutral)

AC= 14
HP=12 of 12
MP=3 of 3 (replenishes 2 MP per round) (lv. 5- 5 mp), (lv.9 – 11mp)
Init.= -0%


Str 17
Dex 10
Con 16
Int 12
Wis 14 (mod is the MP replenish rate per round)
Cha 17

Devotion Aura (1 AC to all allies in 90’)
Holy Light (1d4
1) (lv. max) (standard action) (cost: 1 MP (31%))
Seal of Righteousness (1d6 burst (1v/4), +1 (lv.) holy damage) (instant) (cost: 1 MP (14%))

Racial Abilities:
Diplomacy (10% reputation bonus)
Every Man for Himself (remove all movement and enchantment impairments 1x per 20 rnds)
The Human Spirit (
1 Wis)
Mace and Sword Training (+1 to hit)

Speaks Common, Dwarven, and Elven

Concentration (Con) +6, Diplomacy (Cha) +6, Handle Animal (Cha) +3, Heal (Wis) +5, Knowledge (Nobility and Royalty) (Int) +3, Knowledge (Religion) (Int) +3, Ride (Dex) +2, Sense Motive (Wis) +3

Base feats:
Power Attack

Hvy Warhammer Attack 4 (2d64, 20×3)
With Seal of Righteousness (4 (2d65), 20×3)

Chain Shirt
Hvy Warhammer

3 Belt pouches
Climbing Kit (+2 climbing)
2x 1 yard Canvas (rain/snow fly +ground fly)
Flint and Steel
20 pitons
Sewing needle
Signal Whistle
Silk Rope (50’)
Small Steel Mirror
5 Smokesticks
30 Sunrods
50 Tindertwigs
Trail rations (5 days)
Water Pouch


A young man whose parents were killed when Arthas invaded Lorderon. Taken in by the Scarlet Crusade, was brainwashed into hating and distrusting all non-humans in the world. Rescued by his best friend from their influence, was exiled and left for dead in the Tirisfal Glades. With the Greymane Gate closed, wandered North towards the Ever Song Woods. Almost died along the way, but saved by his best friend and raised among the Blood Elves as one of their own. Not sharing their thirst or curiosity for magic, but possessing a galvanized hatred for evil and the undead, and compassion for those harmed by the Scourge, he is leaving his home village in order to find himself, find adventure, help the needy, rebuilding Azaroth, and bringing to justice the man who brought all this suffering into the world…Arthas.

Hayden Lightheart

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